The new “Meer & Küste” (Sea & Coast) magazine has been published by The Coastal Union Germany (EUCC-D). With this informational magazine the EUCC-D seeks to inform the wide public about the current condition, problems, possible solutions and developments regarding the Baltic Sea and its coasts. The magazine addresses tourists, coastal residents, those interested in our coasts and coastal professionals.

The current issue deals mainly with sustainability in terms of tourism and recreational fishing. The articles written by experts from practice and science are e.g. about the potential of a sustainable angling tourism within the Baltic Sea Region, the cod quota for recreational fishermen, catch & release, angling camps for children and adolescents, climate change impacts on fish stocks, river re-naturalization and stocking measures. Furthermore some articles focus on nature conservation efforts, sustainable tourism in general and adaptive strategies concerning climate change impacts on coastal communities, to reach a broad readership by varied and interesting topics.

The “Meer & Küste” magazine is an important part of the German stakeholder information about sustainable coastal angling and the realization was financially supported by the CATCH project. It has a circulation of 35.000 copies and is freely available in angling shops, tourist information centers, environmental education groups, scientific institutions and civil offices along the German Baltic coast.

The recent magazine and all previous issues are also directly available on our EUCC-D webpage.