Coastal Angling Tourism

A development chance for the South Baltic Region

Coastal angling tourism offers a unique development chance for the South Baltic Region, especially for less developed coastal regions and even outside the holiday season. But angling tourism is still a niche market based on very local initiatives and angler-to-angler- communication. To change this, it is indispensable to cooperate across borders and jointly promote coastal angling and its economic potentials.

Within the CATCH project regional networks are developed based on case studies to increase the capability of stakeholders to engage in the topic and to develop and strengthen interfaces to further topics of regional development, such as other economic branches or tourism sectors. Thus, significant spill-over effects can be expected and further synergies are conceivable. For this purpose various target groups will be linked in stakeholder body groups. The stakeholder body groups initiated by the partnership work together on regional, national and cross-border level (Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Denmark) to raise awareness of this new trend and to discuss possibilities and feasibilities for establishing sustainable angling sites. The exchange of experiences and best-practice between different stakeholder groups and existing angling sites will help to work jointly on guidelines for other coastal municipalities to develop sustainable angling tourism boosting coastal development.