Baltic Sea – EU ministers increase anglers’ cod bag limit from 5 to 7 next year

"On Monday, the European Union Fisheries Ministers agreed on the 2019 fishing opportunities for ten Baltic Sea stocks. “The 2020 deadline we set ourselves for achieving the sustainability of our fisheries resources is getting closer. Today's decision is another important step towards meeting this goal, whilst at the same time respecting the socioeconomic viability of [...]

Sea trout Jam 2018

"In Fishing Zealand we have had an idea for a long time - we want to bring everyone interested in coastal fishing for sea trout together ... for a really fun day, which we call Seatrout Jam! Therefore, we invite you to a day where the main purpose is to hang out and spend time [...]

A CATCH project promoted for harvest festival

The Catch project was proudly promoted at the Communal Harvest Festival in Łobez by our cordial partners from the Society of Rega River Lovers association. During the harvest festival, the Rega River Lovers association, on its promotional stand, told interested anglers about the CATCH project. Everyone interested in the project received promotional materials in the form [...]

The CATCH project at the 10th Pan-European Green Belt Conference

"More than 100 representatives of 24 European countries gathered from 15 to 19 October at the World Heritage Site Wartburg for the 10th Pan-European Green Belt Conference. The European Commission has highlighted the importance of the 12,500-kilometre-long Green Belt Europe by recognising it as a project of European importance. "The Green Belt initiative is a [...]

More cooperation is needed to improve cormorant management in Europe

"Insight and possible solutions to improve the management of the European cormorant population to protect, among other things, endangered fish species were presented during a conference held in the European Parliament in Brussels. The panel speakers provided evidence to demonstrate that a European-wide management plan is needed to tackle the issue of the cormorant’s threat [...]

The EU water law in action

"Healthy freshwater ecosystems are essential for nature, for society and for economies. Yet not even half the waters in the EU are currently considered healthy. The EU Water Framework Directive (WFD), agreed by EU governments in 2000, is a holistic piece of legislation that aims to achieve good status of Europe’s freshwater bodies by 2027 [...]

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