Denmark’s first pike factory

On Friday March 15 Vordingborg Municipality invites to the opening of Denmark's first pike factory. Along the stream Hulebækken Denmark's first pike factory will be official opened. The event is open for the public and everybody is welcome. If you don't know what a pike factory is - please use a couple of minutes and see this movie: You [...]

375,000+ citizens tell the European Commission “Hands off our water law!”

"375,386 people have called on the European Commission to defend Europe’s strong water law, making the EU’s public consultation on the legislation one of the largest ever in the history of the European Union. This law is critical to ensure that Europe’s rivers, lakes and wetlands are protected and brought back to good health. The [...]

The lnternational Year of the Salmon has started!

A Special Year for a Special Fish: The lnternational Year of the Salmon has started! "The International Year of the Salmon (IYS) is a project launched by NASCO, the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization NPAFC, North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission and other partners. The IYS focal year will be 2019, with projects and activities starting [...]

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