Baltic Sea Tourism Forum

This year's Baltic Sea Tourism Forum was fused with the Latvian Toursim Forum in Riga, Estonia. A combination of events that ended up in an estonishing atmosphere of departure, wanderlust, change and creation. From 14.-15. November 2018 around 500 participants met in an exceptionally beautiful location in Riga to listen to inspiring talks and to find [...]

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Photo competition”Fishing South Baltic #myCATCH”

The Photo competition will be held within the South Baltic Region. Countries participating are Denmark, Germany, Lithuania and Poland. The pictures taken within the competition are meant to give an impression of the possibilities for coastal recreational fishing, the nature and sustainable tourism within the region. The photo competition is organized by EUCC-Germany and will [...]

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Catch project at nature and guard workshop

The Catch project was presented to the participants of the nature and guard workshops "COMPREHENSIVE PROTECTION OF RIVER HABITATS THE WAY TO IMPROVE THE LIVING CONDITIONS OF FISH " 16 - 17 November 2018 in Zatom. The aim of the workshop is to strengthen social watchdog activities in the field of protection of bi-environmental fish in [...]

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New report on the state of the European eel population

ICES Working Group on Eels has today released the new report on the state of the European eel population. "The status of eel remains critical. Indices of both glass and yellow eel recruitment strongly declined from 1980 to about 2010, and have remained at a low level since. The annual recruitment of glass eel to European waters in [...]

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6th project partners internal meeting in Nida, Lithuania

Project CATCH partners met again at the 6th international meeting in Nida, Lithuania at 8-9th November 2018. At the meeting the results of joint work of the project partners were presented. This is particularly about the already prepared website and the program of the final conference of the Catch project that will take place [...]

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