The project CATCH is pleased to present The CATCH Angler Survey Report:
Understanding Anglers from the South Baltic Region and Their Demands on Coastal Angling Tourism

So far, data on coastal angling tourism and anglers in particular is limited. To exploit the great potential of coastal angling tourism, however, more information is highly needed. The project CATCH attended to this issue by conducting a cross-border survey in its partner countries in 2017.

In the past year, more than 750 anglers form Denmark, Germany, Lithuania and Poland were surveyed on their characteristics, angling experiences, demands as well as angling habits and travel behaviour. The CATCH Angler Survey Report not only provides all important findings of the survey, but also offers useful implications for a successful coastal angling tourism strategy. Benefits of understanding the target group are highlighted and suggestions for development and positioning of service providers and coastal communities are discussed.

All information can be found in the full version of the report (DOWNLOAD)

A brief summary of the most important information is provided in a corresponding factsheet to the CATCH Angler Survey Report (DOWNLOAD)