1411, 2017

Latest international CATCH events

Last week, two CATCH events took place in Peenemünde (Germany): bilateral CATCH stakeholder (workshop (7.11) & The Mid-Term Conference (8.11)

1409, 2017

Register now for the CATCH Mid-Term Conference!

Register now for the CATCH Mid-Term Conference. The conference is scheduled for Wednesday, 8 November 2017, and will take place in Peenemünde, Germany. The conference is free of charge, registrations will be taken until 25 October.

1309, 2017

Great movie about baltic herring!

The movie “Heeringas” presents data from fieldwork conducted in four EU Baltic States: Denmark, Estonia, Finland and Sweden. The research focused on the (non-economic!) value of Baltic herring today, placing it within its environmental, sociocultural, and governance contexts.

1408, 2017

Promotion of the project CATCH in Poland

Between end of July and beginning of August the members of the Green Federation GAJA participated in the Fish Day in Hel and the final of the Tall Ship Races in Szczecin.

1205, 2017

First CATCH stakeholder workshop in Peenemünde, Germany

The Coastal Union Germany (EUCC-D) organized the first stakeholder meeting within the case study area of Peenemünde. Representatives of all involved interest groups participated and a regional network for the further development of a sustainable coastal angling tourism was established.

304, 2017

Summary after the 1st stakholders meeting in Poland

On March 20th 2017 in Szczecin (Poland), the meeting was held about the implementationof the CATCH project in Poland organized by Green Federation "GAJA" - the Polish project partner. Nearly 60 people involved in the local angling/fishing and tourism industry.