1811, 2018

Catch project at nature and guard workshop

The Catch project was presented to the participants of the nature and guard workshops "COMPREHENSIVE PROTECTION OF RIVER HABITATS THE WAY TO IMPROVE THE LIVING CONDITIONS OF FISH [...]

2710, 2018

Sea trout Jam 2018

"In Fishing Zealand we have had an idea for a long time - we want to bring everyone interested in coastal fishing for sea trout together ... [...]

2510, 2018

A CATCH project promoted for harvest festival

The Catch project was proudly promoted at the Communal Harvest Festival in Łobez by our cordial partners from the Society of Rega River Lovers association. During the [...]

110, 2018

The EU water law in action

"Healthy freshwater ecosystems are essential for nature, for society and for economies. Yet not even half the waters in the EU are currently considered healthy. The EU [...]

2709, 2018

Date Set For Bass Ban Overturn

"The EU's Council of Ministers will meet on September 27th when it is expected to adopt a measure meaning EU citizens will finally be able to keep [...]

2509, 2018

CATCH at the Interreg conference

The representative of the Catch project visited the Annual Conference of the Cooperation Program. The ceremony took place on 18/09/2018 in Szczecin, in the Culture Center of [...]