This year’s Baltic Sea Tourism Forum was fused with the Latvian Toursim Forum in Riga, Estonia. A combination of events that ended up in an estonishing atmosphere of departure, wanderlust, change and creation.

From 14.-15. November 2018 around 500 participants met in an exceptionally beautiful location in Riga to listen to inspiring talks and to find new cooperations. Actors with a great variety of backgrounds spoke about new tourism and media trends, sustainability projects meeting todays needs, future strategies for a common identity in the Baltic Sea region and a lot more. The hosting country Latvia invited to participate in traditional handicraft workshops and presented itself with wonderful traditional live music at the evening event.
During these two days great oportunities for CATCH opened up to spread the word about our angling information platform and to expand the network for future cooperations with other projects, NGOs and politicians from all over the Baltic Sea Region. These connections are essential for the achieved work to make our angling platform known and vivid. Providers of the coastal angling marked are always asked to contact us ( to be part of our provider map free of charge.