On 26th and 27th of July the members of the Green Federaion GAJA participated in the Fish Day, which took place in Hel (at Hel Peninsula, Poland). The event was organized by the Maritime Station of the University of Gdansk. Also, a week later, between 4th and 6th of August Green Federation GAJA has participated in the finals of The Tall Ship Races in Szczecin (Poland). During both events, materials related to the project “CATCH – sustainable coastal angling” were presented. Visitors had an opportunity to meet with aims and planned effects of the project, as well as take free education materials related to sustainable angling, Baltic fishing and other interesting topics related to nature conservation. The Green Federation GAGA’s stall was quite popular among the tourists and other visitors, especially among children who for the coloring of fish received small gifts promoting the project 🙂