1706, 2019

Biggest damremoval project of Europe has started

Biggest damremoval project of Europe has started today. Vezin dam (36m) is going down to restore the Selune river. We invite you to watch the movie:

2405, 2019

Garfish by the shore !

Garfish are easy to catch and provides a lot of fun for anglers when entering southern Baltic in May. The fish provides a very good fight, making the [...]

805, 2019

Dam removal: good news from France and Estonia

"Dam removals are dear to anglers as they understand the importance of free flowing rivers, their importance for the biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, including healthy fish populations. [...]

805, 2019

Trolling Master Bornholm

Trolling Master Bornholm is Northern Europe's largest angling competition, which will take place in 2019 24th-27th April at the center of Tejn harbor. City party, harbor party [...]

1704, 2019

Greener cruising across the Baltic Sea

"Cruise shipping in the Baltic Sea region has grown enormously. In 2018, the number of cruise guests visiting destinations at the Baltic Sea was almost five times [...]