The angling competition Reska Tróć is well known national event which has been held regularly for 12 years in Mrzeżyno (Poland) and is organized by the Friends of the River Rega (TMRR/Towarzystwo Miłośników Rzeki Regi). This year Green Federation “GAJA” became the co-organizer of the event.

The Reska Tróć competition is an excellent opportunity to meet anglers from all over the country, where they exchange their experiences and insights. In 2018 Reska troć will take place 17-18th February. Representatives of tha Green Federation “GAJA” and Tourism Organisation of Stepnica will be present on the event. During these two days of fishing – also at the Baltic Sea – participants will take part in educational meetings, where the project CATCH and the sustainable angling and coastal angling tourism issues will be presented and discussed.


TMRR was established on the initiative of a group of anglers, lovers of ecology and nature protection in order to take care of the river Rega basin. The main purpose of the voluntary activity is protecting the natural environment and fish stocks, combating poaching and conducting all activities aimed improve quality of the river ecosystem and its tributaries.