The Municipality of Vordingborg is part of “Fishing Zealand”, an ambitious project comprising a number of different partners. Denmark’s Sport Fishing Association, 12 municipalities on Zealand and the islands and volunteer sport fishermen all work together with local businesses and tourist organizations to develop sustainable sport fishing tourism and to improve the possibilities for fishing in the region as a whole. The project makes a positive contribution to sport fishing tourism and growth in local businesses, but also to the environment and to sport fishermen. Like many other municipalities, Vordingborg faces challenges in terms of creating and maintaining jobs. The population of the municipality is stagnant and the demography is changing. There’s a need for developing service offers that support local health- and outdoor activities. Offers that are also interesting for the youth.

The municipality has a very diverse nature with exciting fish to catch. The opportunities for fishing and other maritime activities are really good. We have a number of initiatives in relation to anglers. However, we see angling tourism as a relatively unexplored area where we can create space for recreation and health for the citizens of the municipality.