Green Federation GAJA is a non-governmental organization (NGO) working on the nature and environment protection since 1993. The organization is a member group of the Union of Associations “Polish Green Network” and Coalition Clean Baltic, gathering NGOs protecting waters and biodiversity of the Baltic Sea. GAJA is specialized in active conservation projects as well as watchdog projects, education campaigns and supporting of the public institutions responsible for environmental protection in Poland.

Green Federation GAJA has rich experience in environmental local and international projects connected with fisheries and issues related to protection of salmonid fish (angling, stocking, river continuity, protection of spawning grounds, rivers conservation, anti-poaching, illegal fisheries, supporting local volunteers).

As partner in the project GAJA will be mostly responsible for communication and dissemination issues – it will develop and maintain the project website, it will promote the project by developing its logo and all the materials connected with project activities. GAJA will also organize set of workshops and seminars for the anglers and people connected with angling, coastal tourism and protection of the local biodiversity. During its work, GAJA will focus on the Szczecin Lagoon and southern part of Pomeranian Bay.