The main aim of the Coastal Union Germany (EUCC-D) is promoting sustainable coastal and marine development by bridging the gap between scientists, policy makers, and the public. Since its foundation in 2002 the ngo understood that sustainable development includes human wellbeing based on social, economic and environmental aspects. The Coastal Union (EUCC-D) has been involved in more than 30 national and international projects within the field of coastal and marine management. Its scientific expertise spans eutrophication management, sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, coastal tourism and beach management, climate change adaptation, and marine litter. EUCC-D has a strong network to coastal communities, regional authorities, scientific institutions, economic associations (e.g. tourism sector, fisheries) and educational multipliers (schools, universities, museums), provides relevant information, consults and educates different target groups (management authorities, coastal and maritime practitioners, pupils/ distant education students). It hosts workshops and conferences, develops information and decision making systems (GIS) and web tools, and holds a strong focus on the dissemination of coastal and marine information by means of a range of targeted print and online media tools.

As partner in the project CATCH EUCC-D is responsible for stakeholder involvement to create networks for sustainable angling tourism. Moreover, EUCC-D will develop criteria for sustainable coastal angling tourism. This will be an innovative and challenging approach to establish this new sector at the south Baltic Sea area.